By whom: Nathalie Châtel, attorney

Master in Law (Ghent University 1991), aggregaat onderwijs in de Rechten (Ghent University 1996). After a first professional experience as a lawyer in an international Company in Brussels, she started as an attorney at the Ghent bar in 1994. After working in two leading law firms in Ghent, Nathalie started her own law firm in 2006.

Since 2006 she is also active as a substitute judge in the Labour Court (Section East-Flanders, Dendermonde). Next to her professional activities Nathalie Châtel is a member of the board of directors of a cooperative company with social purposes.

Legal support to Companies

Companies are increasingly confronted with new regulations, legal rules, problems and questions in an ever more complex environment. Employing a foreign employee, terminating a longstanding relationship with a supplier or distributor, providing a legal opinion for the execution of an agreement or deed, calculating a compensation in lieu of notice, these are the types of issues where you benefit from our longstanding experience.

We are at your disposal to help you in various areas, based on your specific needs and goals, whether by advice, drafting of legal documents, debt recoveries, dispute prevention, mediation or litigation before the courts.

Legal assistance to private persons

It is generally uncomfortable for a private person which is confronted with a legal issue. We will help you to find the best solution.

For whom?

We are at the disposal of:

  • Companies
  • Private persons
  • Liberal professions
  • Associations
  • Public authorities

Who need legal support. The benefit of a small law firm is that you know who handles your file and that you will have the advice from the experienced counsel you are expecting. No time, information, energy and money is lost in transferring matters to junior or senior associates. Our fees are very competitive.


Fees: we work either at an hourly rate, either at a fixed price. Other individual arrangements can be made.

Office costs: costs are charged for: correspondence, travel expenses, calls.

A VAT rate of 21% is applicable on the fees and office costs.

External costs such as court register fees, costs of judicial experts and of bailiffs… are charged separately, at cost…