Putting your interests first

We are focused on an accessible and qualitative service in legal matters: advice, legal assistance, drafting and review of legal documents (corporate documents and contracts), mediation, litigation (court procedures and arbitration).

Clear arrangements on rates, whenever possible with fixed rates.
Regular reporting about the status and progress of your file.

Business law

All the concerns of a Company: compliance with applicable laws, commercial and labour contracts, company law and corporate paperwork, insurances, consumer law, debt recoveries, legal opinions…


Employment law

Assistance in the relation with employers, employees, trade unions, government officials and service providers: employment agreements, dismissals, work accidents, union delegations, works councils, social inspections… We defend the interests of employees as well as those of the employers. Our experience both as an attorney and as a substitute judge allows us to guide you towards the best amicable resolution of a dispute, whenever this is feasible.


Liability law

Contractual and extra-contractual liability cases, claims in the framework of the execution or termination of a contract, accidents, traffic law, insurance matters…


Other legal domains

If you have a legal question or issue that is not falling under the above mentioned legal domains, you can contact us and we will help you further. If a matter falls outside our domains of expertise, we can make recommendations and assist you with the selection of the appropriate counsel or alternative service provider or organization.


Our law firm is member of the International Travel Law Network (ITLN). which is focused on providing full legal services for the various actors within the travel industry (tour operators, travel agencies, hoteliers, customers, …).

The members of this network are established in 10 different European countries and Châtel.law is ITLN’s correspondent office in Belgium.

We handle legal questions and issues in a pragmatic and result oriented manner.
All files are personally followed by an attorney with more than 20 years of experience.